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With over 40 years of hands-on farming experience, Bruce knows every nuance of growing Statice. By living...
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Growing Statice allows us to capture some of the greatest photos of German Statice. When the fields are ready...
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Nature's Harvest has been growing and selling German Statice and other dried flowers for over 40 years
I We also sell preserved eucalyptus, preserved caspia,
Growing German Statice for over 40 years...
Nature’s Harvest and Co. has been a leading resource for German Statice in the United States for over 40 years. In 1975, Bruce established his farm in Templeton, California to grow one of the most popular dried flowers on the market – German Statice, Statice Tatarica. His company soon met the demands of the largest wholesale and manufacturing companies that utilize Statice in their products and services. In today’s emerging German Statice market, Nature’s Harvest continues to be one of the most prominent suppliers; shipping direct from his farm nationwide and exporting by the container to countries all over the world.
Nature’s Harvest has perfected its harvesting operation to ensure the finest quality product is available in huge quantities. As soon as the best blooms appear, the German Statice is cut, packed fresh in custom designed boxes with ventilating air holes, dropped in the field to dry. Once dried, it is taken directly to the storage barn to prepare for shipping.
Carton Charges for UPS size Boxes are $.50 each. All shipping charges are paid by purchaser unless a written agreement is approved by Nature's Harvest.
Prices subject to change without notice. No returns without written quthorization from Nautre's Harvest. 1.5% charge on unpaid balance past 30 days. Customer responsible for all legal and collection fees if account goes past stated terms. All monies payable at address of grower. All orders subject to availability of product.